Current Groups

Spring 2018 Groups PDF

From ABD to PHD

A coaching group for Notre Dame ABD students to help them maximize their productivity, regain focus and energy, connect with others who understand how hard “dissertating” is and get their dissertations done sooner. If you are interested in this group, call Dr. Megan Brown at 574-631-7336 with questions or to set up a screening.
MONDAYS 1:00 – 2:30 PM

Your Best Life

Your Best Life is a skills-based group using the evidence-based approach of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). The goal is to help members live a life that is rich and meaningful even though it may be hard. This group will help you to clarify what is truly important to you, learn skills to effectively manage painful thoughts and emotions, accept what is out of your personal control, and commit to actions that enhances your life. If you want to live your best life, call Megan Brown, Ph.D. to set up a screening at 675-631-7336.
MONDAYS 5:30 – 7:00 PM

Social Anxiety Group

Worry too much about what others think of you? Do you fear being judged by others, making mistakes, or doing something embarrassing in social or performance situations? High social anxiety often leads to avoidance of social or performance situations such as talking in groups, being assertive, asking someone on a date, or making small-talk. Avoidance of such activities tends to make life less fulfilling. Social Anxiety Group can help you learn to confront your social anxiety head-on.
THURSDAYS 3:20 – 4:50 PM

Ride the Wave: ACT for Anxiety!

Are you drowning in anxiety and worry? Then rise up to ride the WAVE! Let go of your struggle with Worry and Anxiety so that you can focus instead on your Values and Experience. With acceptance and commitment therapy, you can Accept, Choose and Take Action toward building the life you want.
MONDAYS 3:30 – 4:45 PM

Living Well

This group is designed to provide a safe space for students who are managing chronic health conditions while balancing the pressures of college life. Students may benefit from support and validation of their experiences, processing challenges they encounter, and sharing internal and external resources with other students in similar circumstances. This group will focus on helping students find ways to more effectively manage their lives in difficult circumstances. If interested, please contact Dr. Maureen Lafferty at 574-631-7336 with questions or to set up a screening.
Time/Date: TBA

International Student Support Group

To discuss cultural, career, educational, relational and financial concerns unique to international students at ND and identify available resources to help you. Examples of the topics include, but not limited to, culture shock, cultural customs, friendship/relationships, communication styles, interpersonal issues, family at home, and future aspirations. If interested, contact the UCC and set up a screening appointment with Dr. Weiyang Xie.

Graduate Therapy Group

This confidential group is designed for graduate students who would like to explore how long standing patterns are impacting their lives and who want to learn to move ahead with self-understanding and greater confidence. It is also for individuals who have experienced relationship difficulties or loss and are looking for support and strategies for coping and personal growth. Students experiencing adjustment to graduate school concerns are also likely to benefit from this group.
WEDNESDAYS 5:00 – 6:30 PM

Success without Excess

Considering how substance use and related issues are impacting you? Success Without Excess helps increase safety and health as you endeavor to achieve your best self. Group members will examine current levels and impact of use, strategies to reduce use, goals setting and problem-solving around challenges. Group is facilitated through a harm reduction lens and peer feedback and support are valued as integral to group process, accountability and encouragement.
FRIDAYS 3:30 – 4:30 PM

TAO-CBT Group for Depression

Sad and/or irritable moods bringing you down? Use TAO-CBT to get up and get motivated! Our Therapist Assisted Online-Cognitive Behavior Training group for Depression will not only provide therapist and peer support but also short, enjoyable, structured online psychoeducation modules in between sessions to help you get back into your life again!
WEDNESDAYS 3:45 – 5:00 PM

Not The Perfect Family

Frustrating, Chaotic, Disengaged, Demanding Family?????
Discuss this and more with other students who are trying to figure out how to deal with their family and be a sane student managing life and relationships well all at the same time.
WEDNESDAYS 3:30 – 4:45 PM OR THURSDAYS 3:30 – 4:45 PM

Be Real!

Do you know how it can be hard for ND students to be themselves, connect on a deep level and believe in themselves even when things are tough? Well, Be Real! is a confidential group where undergraduate men and women are safe to be totally themselves, develop confidence in their uniqueness and experience authentic connection with others who want to go beyond the surface. If you want to Be Real! call Megan Brown, Ph.D. at 631-7336 to set up a screening appointment .
TUESDAYS 2:00 – 3:30 PM

Appetite for Life

Do thoughts about food, weight or body image consume more of your time and energy than you would like? This group offers you a safe place and opportunity to develop insight into your eating behaviors and challenge negative thoughts about food and body image. By talking with others who share similar experiences you can develop a healthier relationship with food and greater self-acceptance.

G.O.A.L. Group

Giving Obsessive Compulsives Another Lifestyle
Become a goalie! Gain a new lifestyle by joining our goal-oriented group for students with obsessions and compulsions. Learn how to focus on what’s important in your life – instead of allowing your anxious thoughts to lead you to perform certain actions over and over again. And gain! Group sessions will include education, experiential activities, and learning to respond differently to your obsessions. You will be encouraged to set (voluntary) specific and concrete goals to accomplish in between group sessions. Our atmosphere is one of compassion, not commiseration, and our manner is one of inspiration and encouragement, not coercion. Come learn how life can be better as a goalie!