TAO Self-help

TAO Self-Help Login Steps for Students

PLEASE NOTE: The resources presented below are informational and intended as an aid in understanding the topics presented, but are not intended as a substitute for assistance from a qualified mental health professional.

New TAO Users
I already have a TAO account.

New TAO Users:

A. Click on the following link

B. Create a TAO account.

Tao Ses Instructions Screenshot 2


C. Use ENROLLMENT KEYS to sign up for the self-help topic that you are interested in.

Depression: DepressionSelf-Help01
Anxiety: AnxietySelf-Help01
Stress Management: StressManagementSelf-Help01
Anger Management: AngerSelf-Help01
Alcohol and Other Drug Issues: AODSelf-Help01
Relationships, Communication, Conflict Resolution: RelationshipsSelf-Help01

Tao Ses Instructions Screenshot1

If You Already have a TAO Account

A: Log into your TAO account

B. Click on “User Setting” on the menu page and then click on “Enroll yourself
into a TAO group”.

Tao Seh Instructions Screenshot

C. Enter the enrollment keys (above) and sign up for your self-help topics.