About the UCC

Welcome to the UCC

Welcome to the University Counseling Center – commonly referred to as the UCC!

The college experience includes many unique challenges! It is a time of change, growth, and transition. Students deal with a new sense of freedom, live in diverse social environments, develop new relationships, perform in a demanding academic setting, and discover new directions. Successfully mastering these tasks brings a great sense of accomplishment, however this does not always come easily. There are times when these challenges lead to excessive stress, anxiety, depression, confusion, and loneliness. These and other psychological problems can negatively impact a student’s academic performance.

The UCC is here to help!

The UCC provides a safe, confidential, nonjudgmental space where students can feel free to explore a wide variety of concerns and issues. The UCC operates from a stepped care model and offers a wide variety of services to assist students including self-help resources, drop-in hours, workshops, group counseling, brief goal oriented individual counseling, psychiatric evaluations and medication management, substance use assessments, nutrition counseling, and 24/7 crisis intervention services. UCC staff members are also available to consult with concerned faculty, staff parents, and/or students who are looking for guidance about how to handle a mental health concern involving a ND student.

The UCC staff is committed to enhancing the well-being and personal development of all Notre Dame students.  We strive to be sensitive to the diverse needs of our student body and specialize in treating the mental health concerns that are prevalent in a diverse university population.  Our goal is to assist students in addressing the difficulties they encounter, empowering them to make the most of the opportunities available to them at Notre Dame.

Each year approximately 16% of the ND student body utilizes our services. Approximately 30% of a graduating class utilizes the services at the UCC during their time at Notre Dame.  UCC services are free. All enrolled undergrad and graduate students are eligible to use our services. 

If the UCC can be of assistance to you or someone you know, please call our office. We will either provide the help you need or help you find someone who can.


Christine G. Conway, Ph.D., Director

Christine Conway