For Students:

As mental health care providers, the UCC is ethically and legally required to uphold standards of confidentiality. Students utilizing our services have a right to confidentiality and to expect that their involvement with the UCC and information shared in the context of counseling will be protected. Confidentiality is very important to the success of the therapeutic process and thus we take it very seriously. 

Confidentiality of our services means that the UCC will not voluntarily release any information about a student’s involvement in counseling without a signed release of information form. There are several exceptions to confidentiality that students need to be aware of. The UCC is required to release information without a student’s authorization if they are judged to be a serious danger to themselves or someone else, if there is concern of known or suspected child or elder abuse, or if mandated by a court order. Students may request, by signing a release of information form, that the UCC release information to specified individuals, agencies, or departments.

Finally, the UCC will share a list of any medications prescribed by a UCC psychiatric provider with the University Health Service (UHS) to enable UHS to be fully informed of a student’s current medications. A student’s signature on our treatment consent form at
the start of treatment at the UCC authorizes this release of medications prescribed.

All UCC records are separate from any other student records at the University and no record of a student’s contact with the UCC is placed on any transcript or academic record. A student’s UCC records are destroyed 7 years after the last date of service.


For Parents , Faculty, Staff, and Concerned Others:

Assurance of confidentiality is one of the conditions that makes counseling effective. The UCC is prohibited by our ethical standards and Indiana State Law from disclosing anything about any student (including a student’s attendance at a counseling session) who is 18 years of age or older without his or her written permission.

If you know your student has been seen at the UCC and you want communicate with a counselor or if you simply want confirmation that your student is being seen at the UCC, please ask your student to sign a release of information form which will then allow the
UCC to share information with you. Without a signed release form the UCC is unable confirm or deny whether the student is a UCC client.  

If you are concerned about a student and are not sure how to help, please call the UCC at 574-631-7336 and a UCC staff member will consult with you about the best way to proceed.