Coping Tips for All of Us

Be careful of COVID-19 overload. Limit the time you spend taking in COVID-19 news. It’s coming at us from all directions, and it can be downright overwhelming. Turn off and stop reading the news; maybe check in once a day.

Be careful of COVID-19 misinformation. Rumors abound about what’s open, what’s not, what’s closing, and so on. Be sure to dispel rumors yourself by confirming with reputable sources. Check out state and local government sites for up to date information in your area, and go to the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for correct information about the virus.

Our emotions reside in our bodies, so take good care of yours!
• Maintain a regular sleep schedule—try to go to sleep and wake up at roughly the same time.
• Work toward maintaining good nutrition and regular meals.
• Limit alcohol intake.
• Limit caffeine intake.
• Get some exercise!
• Spend some time outside, in nature, especially.
• Practice deep breathing, relaxation, yoga, Qigong. Not sure how to do these? YouTube!
• Try taking up an activity that requires the use of your body and mind, which can give you an emotional break: knitting, art,
playing an instrument, etc.

Creative Ways To Stay Connected
Social connection is really good for us too! Maintain social distance, of course, but stay in touch with friends. You might even try the old-fashioned art of letter writing!

Maintain a schedule, just as you would if at school. Meals, classes, study time, relaxation time. Having a schedule helps us contain emotions and feel a sense of control.

Consider keeping a journal about what this experience is like for you. But be sure to end your daily entry with 3 things good things/things you are grateful for, however small, to help keep your spirits up. Research on gratitude clearly demonstrates this practice of daily acknowledgment helps to boost your mood.

Maintain perspective. While this is a HUGE event for all of us, remind yourself of what’s good in your life and what’s important: health, friends, being able to continue toward your degree, religion, and spirituality.

Spend time with your four-legged friends. Some snuggle time with your pets can make a tough day a lot easier.

Take the focus off of yourself: do something kind for someone else. If you can’t visit in person, call!