Substance Use Assessment


The University Counseling Center (UCC) offers assessments to Notre Dame students interested in better understanding the ways in which their alcohol and other drug use is impacting their life. The assessment typically involves 1 to 3 sessions. During the first session, the counselor will gather detailed information about your substance use history, frequency of use, and consequences when using. This enables you to look at your use in a non-judgmental objective setting. At the second and third sessions, the counselor will provide a summary of your assessment to help you gain a better understanding of how substance use might factor into current problems. A counselor will also help you explore what changes (if any) you want to make and what strategies and support might be helpful in making those changes. 


Students can request a substance use assessment at any time through a Drop-In appointment or by talking with their individual or group counselor.  


Assessments are conducted by UCC counselors specifically training in substance abuse counseling. The assessment process helps inform any recommendations for treatment if indicated.