What is Biofeedback?

Biofeedback allows you to monitor and modify your physiological responses for the purposes of improving your health and performance. Through biofeedback training, once you become aware of, for example, your stress responses, you can learn to change your body’s response which can often result in greater relaxation, focus, and healthier coping strategies. Benefits can include reducing chronic stress/anxiety, increased emotional regulation, quieting the mind, and improving general well-being, academic and sports performance.

Multiple Forms of Biofeedback Offered at UCC:

Therapist-Assisted Biofeedback is available to UCC clients (students who have completed an initial assessment) to assist with treatment for anxiety, panic, stress-related medical conditions and performance issues. Sessions use state-of-the-art biofeedback equipment from Nexus-10.

Self-Administered Biofeedback is available to any Notre Dame student, faculty and staff member by reserving our Inner Resources Room. We are pleased to offer complete access to this tranquil environment containing a variety of entertaining yet highly educational and sophisticated biofeedback games on computer as well as handheld biofeedback devices. And UCC clients (students who have completed an initial assessment) can arrange with their therapist to check out an emWave Personal Stress Reliever handheld device for two weeks “on loan” to engage in daily biofeedback learning at home.