Therapist-Assisted Biofeedback

Therapist Assisted Biofeedback

UCC offers therapist-assisted biofeedback training combined with individual therapy for clients presenting with anxiety, panic, stress-related medical conditions and performance issues. Sessions use state of the art biofeedback equipment from Nexus-10.

In biofeedback sessions, clients are attached to delicate electrode sensors measuring their physiological reactions (e.g., respiration, skin conductance, temperature, muscle tension, heart rate variability) and receive immediate visual and/or auditory feedback from a computer monitor.

Biofeedback is like a reflective mirror, feeding these physiological responses back to the client. This feedback helps the client become aware of what is going on within the body. Meanwhile, biofeedback therapists teach clients various self-regulation skills to fine-tune these physiological responses in order to better manage stress/anxiety and improve performance.

These weekly 30-45 minute appointment slots continue for
6-12 weeks depending on the needs. Contact UCC at 574-631-7336 to schedule an initial assessment or speak to your therapist.