Finding a Community Provider

Students in need of continued mental health services are encouraged to connect with a counselor in your current location. Most therapists are offering tele-therapy during this crisis. Consult these referral resources or call the UCC for help finding a counselor in your area. *Disclaimer:* _These links are being provided as a convenience and for informational purposes only; they do not constitute an endorsement or an approval by the UCC or by the University of Notre Dame._ p(image-default). "!/assets/343900/caps_thriving_campus_website_page_banner.png(Thriving Campus Website Page Banner)!": The "Thriving Campus": platform providers information about community mental health providers, services they provide, insurances they accept, and their contact information. Use these features on Thriving Campus, to search for providers in your current location: * Change the location button at the top of the left column to find providers in a specific area. * Sort by tele-therapy to find providers who offer this service. * Utilize the "Help Guide": in the upper right for information about insurance and scripts for contacting a new therapist. h3. REQUEST YOUR UCC RECORDS FOR YOUR NEW PROVIDER We would be happy to facilitate continuity of care by sharing treatment records/info to the new provider, upon receiving a signed "Release of Information,":/about-the-ucc/confidentiality/release-of-information-roi/ h3. OTHER IMPORTANT RESOURCES/LINKS Provider searches can be normally be sorted by location, online/in-person, method of payment, and counselor characteristics. * *Contact Your Insurance Provider by Phone or Search their Website* * "For Students with the University-sponsored Student Insurance": (UHS) ** "Aetna DocFind (University-sponsored Student Insurance)": * "Psychology Today Therapist Search": (online and local search; can also search for psychiatry) "What You Need to Know Before Choosing Online Therapy": _American Psychological Association_ "Additional Resources for Finding a Community Provider":/finding-a-community-provide/additional-resources-for-finding-a-community-provider/