Emotional Regulation Skills Training Group

- (part of a series)

Location: University Counseling Center

Do you feel overwhelmed by emotions and feelings? Do you have difficulty coping with your feelings without unwanted consequences? Do you feel that emotions aren't helpful at all? Do you have a hard time sitting with uncomfortable emotions or distress? Through Emotion Regulation skills training, learn skills to understand emotions and what they do and change unhelpful emotional patterns. Emotion regulation is about managing emotions in a way that allows us to problem-solve, feel in control, and communicate effectively.

Group Leader: Kaylyn Bussard, LSW

If you are interested in joining this group and are new to the University Counseling Center (UCC), call 574-631-7336  for more information about getting connected to services. If you are a current client at the UCC, please talk to your counselor about being referred to this group. Learn more about Group Counseling here.