For Parents of First Year Students

The transition to college life may offer additional challenges for students who previously have been in treatment for psychological difficulties. With appropriate planning, students who need continued psychological/psychiatric support can make a smooth transition to college.

If your daughter or son needs help organizing continued psychological treatment, UCC counselors can work with your family and the student’s home treatment provider to help ensure a more successful transition. UCC counselors can also work with the home treatment provider to find appropriate psychological/psychiatric treatment either on or off-campus. This planning is important to implement prior to arriving on campus.

Here are some actions to complete and issues to consider as you plan continued treatment for your daughter or son:

  1. A month or so prior to the student’s arrival on campus, discuss with the home treatment provider your daughter’s or son’s needs regarding continued counseling and/or medications while at college. Encourage your daughter or son to discuss the benefits of remaining in counseling and/or on medication throughout times of transition with the treatment provider. Consider signing a release of information form that will give the treatment provider permission to discuss your daughter’s or son’s needs with a UCC staff counselor. Such a release will enable discussions either now or at some future point as the situation warrants.
  2. Deciding whether a student’s psychological/psychiatric needs are best met on or off campus depends on a variety of factors. These include characteristics of the student, the psychological diagnosis, and the resources available at the UCC. UCC staff is available to help with such decision-making. For assistance, contact the UCC at 574-631-7336.
  3. Referrals for off campus psychological/psychiatric treatment are best made prior to your daughter’s or son’s arrival on campus to ensure continuity of care. Appointments to transfer your student’s treatment to UCC are ideally made about one week prior to the first day classes begin.

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