Bipolar Disorder

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Facing Bipolar Video Series (5-12 minutes each) – Produced by Russ Federman, Director, Counseling and Psychological Services, Department of Student Health, University of Virginia

1. What Is Bipolar Disorder
2. Psychiatric Medication in Bipolar Disorder
3. Use of Natural Supplements in the Treatment of Bipolar Disorder
4. Denial and Resistance to the Diagnosis in the Treatment of Bipolar Disorder
5. When Is Bipolar Hypomania More Than Simply Feeling Good
6. Substance Abuse and Bipolar Disorder
7. Importance of Good Sleep for Those with Bipolar Disorder
8. Importance of Healthy Life Structure for Those with Bipolar
9. Importance of a Support Group in Treating Bipolar Disorder
10. Looking for a Psychotherapist or Psychiatrist Who Treats Bipolar Disorder

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

Coping with Bipolar Disorder
Centre for Clinical Interventions