Suicide Prevention: Myth or Fact?

  1. People who talk about suicide don’t do it — suicide happens without warning.
  2. Talking about suicide may give someone the idea.
  3. There are more suicides than homicides.
  4. Suicide rates are higher for people of low income.
  5. More men commit suicide than women.
  6. Most suicidal people are undecided about living or dying, and they gamble with death, leaving it to others to save them.
  7. Once a person is suicidal, he or she is suicidal forever.
  8. If a person really wants to kill him or herself, no one has the right to stop him or her.
  9. Most suicides are caused by a single dramatic and traumatic event.
  10. There is no genetic predisposition to suicide.
  11. Improvement following a serious personal crisis or serious depression means that the risk of suicide is over.
  12. It’s unhelpful to talk about suicide to a person who is depressed.
  13. People who commit suicide have not sought medical help prior to their attempt.