Statement Regarding Recent Tragic Events of Racial Violence and Discrimination

Author: UCC

We at the University Counseling Center are deeply saddened and angered about the racism and pain our Black/African American and other minority communities have experienced for centuries and that have, once again, come to the fore in tragic ways these past couple of months. The outrage sparked by the death of George Floyd is a communal reaction to people collectively bearing witness to just the latest egregious example of injustice that has long been condoned, ignored, and dismissed. We stand in solidarity with Black/African Americans and all people of color, who have endured systemic and pervasive racial injustice on a daily basis throughout the history of our country.

As Father Jenkins said on June 1 at the prayer service and walk for justice on campus: “Let us ask for justice, for an end to the legacy of racism, for an end to violence in our streets and in our hearts, for wisdom to know what to do, and the courage to do it”.

We at the UCC condemn all forms of explicit and implicit racism and discrimination in our community. We are here to support Notre Dame students and especially student members of our Black/African American communities. We pledge to act to advance social justice, inclusion, healing, and hope.
If you find yourself impacted by these recent events and wish to process your reaction with one of our counselors, please contact us at (574) 631-7336.

The UCC Staff

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