Our services are free and confidential.

The University Counseling Center (UCC) contributes to the overall academic mission of the University of Notre Dame within the context of the Division of Student Affairs. UCC staff recognizes that the stress associated with a high pressure academic environment at a critical developmental period often leads to or reveals problems which can be alleviated through therapeutic intervention.

Our mission is to provide counseling and crisis intervention to the students of the University, consultation services to the campus community, and supervision and training opportunities for future psychologists. While sensitive to the unique characteristics of an intelligent, highly motivated, predominantly Catholic student body, we remain committed to the practice of psychology as determined by the ethical code of the American Psychological Association and the laws of the state of Indiana. We affirm diversity and are committed to creating an environment that recognizes the inherent value and dignity of each person. All UCC services are confidential, free, and available to all enrolled undergraduate and graduate students. 


Consent to Treatment

The UCC works to be transparent in the services we offer and to empower students to take an active role in the counseling process. To this end, all students seeking services at the UCC are asked to read and sign our informed consent form. This helps to protect your rights and inform you about how the UCC works and what to expect in counseling. Students are asked to read and sign the consent to treatment form prior to receiving services. Reading this form in advance of seeking services for the first time can help to expedite your Drop-In appointment. Students who receive telehealth counseling are required to sign an additional consent form.

Consent To Treatment Form

Release of Information

All treatment at the UCC is confidential. With a student’s written permission, in the form of a signed Release of Information Form (ROI), the UCC is able to share information about the student’s care with a specific person or agency, including a campus partner, off-campus provider, parent/guardian, etc. A ROI includes the person to whom the information will be released, the information to be released, the purpose of the release, and an expiration date.

If there is a valid ROI on-file with the UCC, we will be able to process a request to share information. If a request involves coordination of care with a new provider, a new ROI must be completed. If a ROI is expired it must be updated before information can be released. Students can retract a ROI at any time by contacting the UCC. Please note that the UCC does not email clinical records. Please provide a fax number to ensure timely delivery of your records. 

A blank ROI as well as pre-populated ROI forms that are commonly utilized are provided here for your convenience. Simply download the ROI that you need, complete the form, sign it, and return a copy to the UCC.