The UCC is fully staffed and  looking forward to the 2021-2022 Academic Year.  We are here to help all Notre Dame students through the personal changes, transitions, and growth that are inherent in the college experience.  We offer a wide variety of resources to assist students in developing skills to support their mental wellbeing and services to assist students who are encountering difficulties that might require counseling and other professional interventions.  Above all, the UCC provides a safe atmosphere where students are supported, cared for, and free to confidentially share anything that is on their minds.



Fall 2021 Updates

The UCC is offering both in-person and tele-mental health services this year.  Students are encouraged to have their initial appointment at the UCC in-person to meet your counselor face to face.  After this initial meeting, students interested in tele-services are encouraged to talk with their counselor about whether this mode of treatment is appropriate given their treatment needs.


Fall 2021 groups are now listed!  Click here to view group offerings!


UCC Closures and Revised Drop-in hours


Revised Fall Break (October 18 - 24) Drop-in Hours:

Monday - Friday, 11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Thursday, November 4 - Drop-in Hours will be 2:00 - 4:00 pm. 


UCC Crisis Intervention Services are available 24/7 by calling  574-631-7336 and pressing '0" to reach an after-hours counselor.

Fall 2021 Drop-In hours are now listed HERE

To access all UCC services for the First Time:

All students seeking services for the first time at the UCC do so through our drop-in system.  Simply come to the UCC during scheduled Drop-in hours and complete an in-person drop-in appointment with a UCC Counselor. We will address any immediate concerns, help you develop a plan to address on-going issues, and help you connect with additional UCC services or campus resources.


Rescheduling with a Counselor You Have Seen Previously

If you would like to see a counselor that you have worked with in the past, please call the UCC to schedule an appointment.  If your previous counselor is no longer working at the UCC, please utilize our drop-in hours to connect with our services.


The UCC Welcomes Your Feedback

The UCC strives to provide high-quality mental health care and well-being resources that recognize the values, experiences, and needs of our diverse student community.  We believe that a confidential, mutually respectful partnership between you and our administrative staff and counseling providers establishes the foundation necessary to develop a therapeutic relationship in which you can address issues and improve your wellbeing.  Understanding your rights and responsibilities as outlined in our informed consent form  and engaging your feedback about our services is central to this partnership. Please let us know how we are doing. Your feedback is important to us.  If you had a good experience or have helpful suggestions, we encourage you to share that directly with the staff.  Our team is trained to listen, answer your questions, and work with you to resolve concerns.  For questions or concerns that arise prior to working with a provider, or if you feel it is best to speak with someone other that your provider, please share your feedback, concerns, or submit questions about our services using our online feedback form.  Feedback received through this form is reviewed and addressed by the UCC Director.


Click HERE for the online feedback form.



The University Counseling Center (UCC), accredited by the International Association of Counseling Services, Inc., provides confidential short-term counseling and crisis intervention services to eligible Notre Dame students and consultation and outreach services to members of the Notre Dame community.


Statement Regarding Recent Tragic Events of Racial Violence and Discrimination

Author: UCC

We at the University Counseling Center are deeply saddened and angered about the racism and pain our Black/African American and other minority communities have experienced for centuries and that have, once again, come to the fore in tragic ways these past couple of months. The outrage sparked by the death of George Floyd is a communal reaction to people collectively bearing witness to just the latest egregious example of injustice that has long been condoned, ignored, and dismissed. We stand in solidarity with Black/African Americans and all people of color, who have endured systemic and pervasive racial injustice on a daily basis throughout the history of our country.

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Dear Notre Dame Community

Author: UCC

This is a challenging time for all of us. We’re all likely experiencing some emotional discomfort given the spread of COVID-19 and the disruption to our normal routines. Grief at losing out on experiences, frustration, fear, and uncertainty are all normal reactions at this time. Furthermore, the University’s response to the pandemic and our move to remote learning represents a major change for us all.

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