Counseling Services

Schedule an Appointment

Call 574-631-7336 to schedule an appointment for an initial assessment. Appointments cannot be made online. The initial assessment is scheduled for 1 hour. Paperwork is completed in the first half-hour, followed by a meeting with an initial assessment counselor. The counselor will help you identify your goals and whether the UCC or another office on or off-campus will be most helpful to you.

Your First Appointment (The Initial Assessment)

Come to St. Liam Hall, and walk up the stairs or take the elevator to the third floor, and turn right. You will see the reception area immediately on your left. You will be given some forms to read and complete on a private computer, which will let you know what to expect and will allow you to provide information about yourself for your intake counselor. During the appointment, your initial assessment counselor will come to a better understanding of your concerns and how the UCC may be of most help to you. At the end of this first appointment, you and your initial assessment counselor will select a plan which best meets your needs (e.g., individual counseling, group therapy, one session only, referral to another office, etc.). After you leave your appointment, congratulate yourself for making this important step in your life!

Counseling Services Offered

Individual Counseling

Crisis Services


Group Counseling

Psychiatric Services

Alcohol and Other Drug Assessments

Off-Campus Referrals

Couples Counseling