Psychiatric Services

Psychiatric services are available to students through the UCC. To access these services, students are first seen for an initial Drop-In appointment at the UCC.


Medications can be helpful in the treatment and management of some mental health conditions. Medications for anxiety and depression are often prescribed by providers at University Health Services (UHS) and, when specialty psychiatric services are needed, the University has psychiatric providers at the University Counseling Center (UCC) to see students for evaluations and medication management.  


Any student can see a psychiatrist on campus for specialty psychiatric services with a referral from a UCC or UHS provider. Psychiatric providers serve in a consulting role and do not serve as the only provider for any student seeking medication services on campus. Students who are receiving psychiatric services are either working with a UCC counselor in individual or group counseling or a therapist off-campus. If students are not in counseling, they are followed by the Behavioral Health Clinical Case Manager.


Referrals for a psychiatric evaluation and medication treatment may be made following a student’s Drop-In appointment, at any point during individual or group counseling, or from a visit with a primary care provider at UHS. Students in off-campus counseling who would like to have their medications managed on-campus, can call the UCC and ask for an appointment with the Behavioral Health Clinical Case Manager to begin psychiatric treatment on campus.  

ADD/ADHD Medications

New diagnoses of ADD/ADHD require a thorough evaluation and/or psychological testing, which are not currently available on campus.  Students are advised to come to a Drop-In appointment to discuss their concerns with a counselor. Staff will conduct a screening for ADD/ADHD and suggest behavioral strategies to assist you with focusing and executive functioning skills. If through this screening process medication is recommended, you will be referred to a psychiatric provider on campus.  

Students who have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD by an off-campus provider can receive medication management on campus with documentation of your diagnosis and medication history. Please ask your off-campus provider to send your treatment records to the UCC. Students can initiate treatment on campus by coming to a Drop-In appointment. 


The Center for Student Support and Care also offers services for students with attention and executive functioning difficulties.