Group Counseling

Group counseling enables students to learn about themselves and develop new ways of managing concerns and relating to others.

Groups being offered during Spring 2024 semester



Group counseling provides the opportunity for students to drop the facade and be real in a safe, supportive environment. Groups help students recognize they are not alone in their problems, and provide opportunities to feel supported by a group of peers who encourage and empower each other to explore and cultivate healthy relationships in their lives while learning ways to effectively cope with a variety of problems. 

Each semester the University Counseling Center (UCC) offers a variety of group counseling experiences. The “Understanding Self and Others” groups are designed to learn more about yourself in relationships with others. These groups are especially effective because we all exist in social relationships. Groups that focus on a specific type of problem help participants learn to better manage a specific concern or difficulty, and skill-based groups are designed to teach participants effective life strategies to enhance psychological flexibility and build resilience. Skill-based groups involve more teaching and less group participation than other groups.

All groups are led by UCC counselors who have experience and training in group counseling.


Counseling groups are open to all students. Groups are typically organized at the start of each semester and meet weekly or, in the case of skill-based groups, meet for a set number of sessions. Some groups fill to capacity within the first month of the semester while some groups remain open to new members up until the last few weeks. Skill-based groups are often repeated multiple times each semester.   

To benefit from group counseling, students are encouraged to make a commitment to attend the group regularly.  


Groups are held at the UCC unless otherwise indicated.


Students interested in participating in a counseling group are encouraged to call the UCC and set up a group information session with the group facilitator. Students can also come in during Drop-In hours to discuss group counseling options and learn what group experience might best fit their needs. Students are also referred to group counseling from individual counseling.   

The group information session is a brief meeting with the counselor who facilitates the group of interest to provide information about the group, clarify expectations, and develop goals for group treatment. This meeting will introduce you to the counselor and help set the stage to enable you to enter the first group session with greater confidence.  

Current support groups can be found through the Events calendar.