Individual Counseling

Individual counseling offers the opportunity for students to work through issues that are affecting their functioning with the guidance of a UCC counselor.


The University Counseling Center (UCC) provides confidential short-term individual counseling in which a student meets one-on-one with a counselor for one or more individual sessions, usually lasting 45 to 50 minutes. Individual sessions are typically clinically determined by the counselor. Although the counselors have individual styles, they are all skilled in nonjudgmental, compassionate, and empathic listening. They also strive for multicultural competency and can help students better understand their unique experiences and problems from the perspective of psychological science. Counselors can serve as a sounding-board for problem-solving or can help students develop tools and strategies for coping with a variety of problems. 


In a typical year, 15% of the student body utilizes UCC services at least once. While this data suggests the UCC is well-utilized by our students, we also recognize that seeking counseling is not easy to do and that therapy may not be acceptable in some cultures. We encourage you to reach out to the many support services offered by the University, including the UCC, when you are struggling. UCC counselors understand the Notre Dame experience and college student mental health and can help.

If you aren’t sure whether counseling is right for you, consider utilizing Let’s Talk and consulting with a counselor through the UCC Talkline (574-631-TALK). Both services allow for brief consultations without any paperwork or the need to give your name. Workshops and Support Spaces are also great opportunities to learn about UCC services without needing to come to the UCC for individual counseling. 


In-person individual counseling appointments are held at the UCC on the third floor of St. Liam Hall.   


Individual counseling is typically recommended for students after an initial Drop-In appointment at the UCC. All students accessing the UCC for the first time should use the UCC Drop-In system as a first step. When individual counseling is recommended, you will be assigned to a staff counselor based on your availability and preferences. All appointments after the initial Drop-In session are scheduled appointments. If for some reason you find you do not feel comfortable with your assigned counselor, please call the UCC to request a reassignment or come in for another Drop-In session.

Some UCC counselors are masters or doctoral student interns specializing in counseling or clinical psychology who work under the supervision of licensed psychologists. We also have counselors who are receiving supervision to obtain full clinical licensure in their field.