The self-help resources available through the University Counseling Center (UCC) assist students in learning more about a particular problem area and strategies to address it. The UCC’s subscription to TAO Connect provides students with access to resources specifically designed for university students. These resources can be especially helpful in providing new perspectives and teaching new ways to approach an emerging problem. Exploring our self-help pages is a good first step for students who need some assistance and new ideas, but not necessarily professional counseling. The UCC also has a YouTube Channel with self-help videos organized by playlists covering a wide range of topics.


All students are welcome to utilize self-help resources. A Notre Dame email address is required to access the TAO Connect platform.


Self-help can be accessed in privacy whenever you need it. 


Simply browse our self-help resources. For TAO Connect, set up your own account using your ND email to gain access to a multitude of resources.

Like and Subscribe to the UCC YouTube Channel, which has a number of self-help videos organized by playlists.