As mental health care providers, the University Counseling Center (UCC) staff are ethically and legally required to uphold standards of confidentiality. Students utilizing our services have a right to confidentiality and to expect that their involvement with the UCC and information shared in the context of counseling will be protected. Confidentiality is very important to the success of the therapeutic process and we take it very seriously. 

Confidentiality of our services means the UCC will not release any information about a student’s involvement in counseling without a signed release of information form. There are several exceptions to confidentiality that students need to be aware of. The UCC is required to release information without a student’s authorization: (a) if we believe that a child or vulnerable adult is being or has been subjected to abuse or neglect, we may be required to file a report with the appropriate government agency; (b) if we believe you are a danger to yourself, we are obligated to seek hospitalization or to contact others who can help provide protection; (c) if we believe you are a threat to others, we are required to take protective actions which may include notifying the potential victim, contacting the police, or seeking hospitalization for you; or (d) as otherwise required by law. The exceptions to confidentiality are rare. If any of these exceptions should occur, it is the UCC's policy that, whenever possible, we will discuss any action being considered with you. 

Please be aware the UCC and University Health Services (UHS) operate as a team of health care professionals and in signing our Consent To Treatment Form, you give the departments permission to consult with each other to provide you with the best care possible. These consultations are for treatment and/or professional training purposes only. Information will not be disclosed to any University department or outside agency beyond the UCC and UHS without your written permission. 

For students under the age of 18, Indiana law requires that a parent or guardian give permission for you to receive mental health treatment services.  he UCC will work with you to obtain this consent.

All UCC records are separate from any other student records at the University, and no record of a student’s contact with the UCC is placed on any transcript or academic record. A student’s UCC records are destroyed 7 years after the last date of service.