The Counseling Center is a space where student’s concerns are kept confidential. This means that information you share in counseling is kept between you and your counselor (or within the UCC). Mental health and substance use concerns are protected by confidentiality. Your counseling records are separate from your academic records. You will need to provide written permission to the Counseling Center if you request that your information be shared with another office on/off campus. In this case, the Counseling Center will share the minimum necessary information to coordinate your care. There are exceptions to confidentiality such as if you share that you are at immediate risk of harm to yourself or others, disclose abuse to vulnerable populations (typically children/elderly) or issuance of a court order. Please discuss specific questions with your assigned counselor or call the UCC for more information.

Please be aware the UCC and University Health Services (UHS) operate as a team of health care professionals and in signing our Consent To Treatment Form, you give the departments permission to consult with each other to provide you with the best care possible. These consultations are for treatment and/or professional training purposes only. Information will not be disclosed to any University department or outside agency beyond the UCC and UHS without your written permission. 

For students under the age of 18, Indiana law requires that a parent or guardian give permission for you to receive mental health treatment services.  The UCC will work with you to obtain this consent.

A student’s UCC records are destroyed 7 years after the last date of service.