Amy Spanopoulos, MSW, LCSW

Associate Director for Clinical Services

Associate Director for Clinical Services

Indiana license #: 34004776A

I was raised in Indiana and am a true Midwesterner. I earned my Bachelor of Science at Butler University, and I pursued a Master of Social Work at Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis after working in the mental health field and as an AmeriCorps volunteer. I went on to earn my clinical license in social work and my license in clinical addictions counseling. I joined the UCC in 2017 as the Substance Abuse Specialist and in 2019 added the Associate Director for Clinical Services role. I pursued EMDR training and became EMDR certified in 2021.

As a counselor, I draw heavily from Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT), wherein I routinely ask clients how they feel about the therapeutic process, goals and topics, the approach to treatment and overall experience of counseling. I conceptualize concerns as arising from patterns that developed over time, in a social context and with the purpose to help us survive. Counseling helps when the ways we cope no longer serve us well and change comes about by focusing on solutions and developing new skills.

Clinically, I am interested in mental health and substance use assessment/treatment and trauma informed care. I am motivated to pursue ethical practice and am passionate about supporting emerging professions in mental health fields. I am a member of the NASW, ACSW and EMDRIA. I am a volunteer participant on the NASW, Indiana Chapter Ethics Committee.

For me, true enjoyment comes from working in the dirt: maintaining wooded acreage, landscaping and all that entails (harvesting our garden and orchard, fresh cut flowers and even weeding). I'm accompanied by my feathered friends (chickens) who follow me around the yard and keep me alert (rooster). I also enjoy watching movies and find myself drawn into stories completely, experiencing all emotions that come along for the ride.

Supervision Style

My approach to supervision is developmental and collaborative. Supervisees will find that I actively elicit feedback and adjust our work together to best meet supervisee's needs. My hope is to create a safe and challenging environment that enhances strengths, fosters curiosity and grows confidence in supervisee's professional identities.