Chieh-Yu Liao, Ph.D.

Staff Psychologist

Staff Psychologist

I was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan, where I received my Bachelor’s degree in International Business in 2004 and my first master’s degree in Human Resource Management in 2006. After working for years in the industry, I decided to come to the US and pursue my 2nd master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Western Michigan University. I then earned my doctoral degree in Urban Education: Counseling Psychology Specialization from Cleveland State University in 2022 after completing my pre-doctoral internship at the University of Minnesota.

My approach to therapy is centered on a therapeutic relationship with my clients that promotes the healing process. I view our relationship as the most important component for positive change and personal growth. I collaborate with my clients to discover their true self and their relationship with others/the world while exploring their intertwined thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that stand in their way to feeling satisfied and happy. I tailor my approaches based on my clients' uniqueness, needs, and strengths, emphasizing holistic care. That is, I incorporate mindfulness, self-care, multicultural perspectives, and various theoretical interventions while journeying with my clients toward their goals.

My professional interests include cultural adjustment and identity development for international students, multicultural counseling and diversity issues, self-compassion, mindfulness, emotion-focused work, and bilingual counseling (English and Mandarin).

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends while taking a decent of Me time in-between visitors-- making crafts, volunteering (I am a cat foster!), cuddling with my cat (Nugget or “Wang-Cai in Mandarin), and eating. I also enjoy outdoor activities when the weather is just right (not too hot, not too cold, not raining, and not snowing).