Jona Vitela, MSW, LCSW

Part-Time Counselor

Part-Time Counselor

Indiana license #:  33009001A

Identify as Chicana, born and spent my childhood growing up in Denver, Colorado. My family are native to Spain, Mexico, and American "Indian". I joined UCC at Notre Dame in 2021. Prior to joining UCC and alongside during this time I practice as a Mental Health Therapist, Addictions Counselor, and Social Worker II with Oaklawn Psychiatric Hospital/Center, Goshen Hospital Emergency Department, and Maple City Health Care Center. I received my BS at Bethel University and MSW at Indiana University in South Bend. I have a passion for equality, justice, advocacy, and providing healing to others.

My interventions include alternatives with EMDR, Brainspotting, Hypnotherapy, and other evidence-based practices. My intent to reduce intensive symptoms at an accelerated pace leads to restoring stability and functioning. The social work theories I focus on are cognitive behavioral, motivational, and empowerment. My professional interests are in the act and art of healing. Seeking the most innovative practices with most recent research to decrease symptoms that impair a human being. My role in the community is to advocate for all and work towards systemic changes.

I seek to heal others knowing that each person affects three generations and it has no identifiable end.