Josephine Dickinson, Ph.D., HSPP

Staff Psychologist

Staff Psychologist

Indiana license #: 20042312A

I was born and raised in Pennsylvania and from a family for whom mental healthcare was very important. I continued to move west as I sought my graduate degree in Counseling Psychology at the University of Akron, completed my internship and post-doc at the counseling center at The Ohio State University, and accepted a position at the University of Notre Dame in 2008. My sole career focus has been on college student mental health and I strive to provide ALL students with caring, evidence-based, and multiculturally competent counseling services.

My therapeutic style is relational, co-creating an empowering, affirming, and non-judgmental space through which we can work together to define the goals of counseling, develop insights, practice new skills, and implement change. I work from an integrative counseling approach within a short-term clinical model and am theoretically grounded in interpersonal, humanistic, feminist, and multicultural orientations. I practice through a lens of cultural humility that affirms, values, and adapts to a client’s intersecting identities and needs. I approach therapy, growth, and healing as a process with the ultimate goals of personal authenticity, creating meaning, and connecting with oneself and others.

As a generalist practitioner, my clinical focus areas are broad and encompass many issues for which college students seek counseling. I am experienced in addressing identity development, sexual assault/trauma-informed healing, depression, anxiety, chronic health conditions, grief/loss, interpersonal relationships, and family concerns. I am experienced in providing group therapy for family concerns. I also have professional interests in supervision and training, UCC staff professional development, vocational psychology, and multicultural counseling.

Reading and writing poetry (favorite book of poetry, “Without” by Donald Hall), spending oodles of time with my twin sister, and taking walks along the St. Joe river.

Supervision Style

My supervision style is feminist-based, seeking to decrease the inherent power differential between supervisor and supervisee. I approach supervision from a developmental, multicultural, and growth-oriented lens and provide a space for both support and challenge. My role as a supervisor also includes being a mentor, teacher/educator, advocate, and consultant.