Littney Cruz, MSW, LCSW

Staff Social Worker

Staff Social Worker

Indiana license#: 340009237A

I was born in Venezuela, South America, as the third child of a family with two older brothers and a younger sister. I moved to Puerto Rico in 1995 where I completed a Bachelor's Degree in Business (BA) at Antillean University, Puerto Rico. In 1996, I married Jose Cruz, and had two wonderful kids. I continued my journey in Berrien Springs, MI, and in 2001, I earned my Master's in Social Work at Andrews University. I started working at Madison Center, IN, as an outpatient therapist. Later worked in Benton Harbor, MI, with at-risk populations at Dockside Services. In 2009, I was hired to work at CMH-Riverwood Services, focusing on at-risk youth and their families. During these years, I was a foster parent of different teenage girls and continued working as a full-time employee in different roles. Working as an outpatient therapist with adults, intake specialist, conducting pre-screening at the hospital, and providing SUD counseling. In 2020, I took a year off from doing therapy and worked with the elderly population at GuideStar Elder Care, and later pursued private practice. And In 2022, I was hired at Notre Dame University where I am happy working with the ND students.

I am a Holistic, empathic, professional who practices from a perspective that focuses on the therapeutic relationship and its ability to promote healing and growth. My experience includes working with individuals on many issues including anxiety, depression, loss, and trauma. I welcome those seeking individual therapy and provide a safe and warm environment for each one of the clients.

My professional interests include overcoming and healing from trauma, empowering and healing from trauma through cognitive behavioral therapy, and Mindfulness. In addition, I will like to continue learning other ways of healing trauma through Yoga and Art.

I like to spend time with my family, and friends, hiking, watching movies, soap operas, playing volleyball, camping, traveling and going to the beach.

Supervision Style

My approach as a supervisor is to create a supportive, collaborative and safe environment for the supervisees. I strive to be honest, authentic, multiculturally-sensitive, and to meet where they are and their personal, and professional needs are. I usually focus the teaching on guiding, suggesting and coaching as needed.