Michelle Boren, LMHC

Part-Time Counselor

Part-Time Counselor

Indiana License# 39001957A

My name is Michelle Boren, I am originally from Michigan. I attended Lake Superior State University where I earned a bachelors in psychology and minor in criminal justice. I then went on to attend Siena Heights University to obtain a Masters in Community Counseling. I worked in Michigan for a short time until I met my now husband and moved to Indiana where I currently reside with him and my two boys. I have been in the MH field for over 20+ years working in many different environments of community MH health, addiction rehab centers, prisons and private practice. I have a wide range and knowledge and experience and happy to be part of the team here at ND.

Not every therapy method works best for everyone, there is no one and done when it comes to therapy. I strive to meet you where you are in your process and utilize what may be right for you at the moment. If I had to choose one method it would be cognitive behavioral therapy, with a big emphasis on solution focused therapy. Most of us don't know where certain thoughts come from and how they affect us. Together lets learn how to gain control of those thoughts and build ourselves up.

Over the years many things have peaked my interest when it comes to helping others, I learn everyday as I have worked with a vast number of clients. I have had many trainings in mood disorders, Post traumatic stress disorder and addictions. I feel these things all go hand in hand with so many other areas of therapy such as personality disorders, identify development, transition and accepting ourselves.

Do you strive for inner peace, miss who you used to be? Do you find yourself struggling in current relationships or the future you set for yourself? What about expectations you thought you should be living up to but they are not happening? Do you find it hard to express your felling's without feeling the need to justify them? Do you find yourself indulging in certain addictions and don't know why? Are you losing a sense of self or your "why" in life? With my 20+ years of experience, I can adapt the best choice of therapy for you and help you find inner peace and together we can fight to overcome those internal struggles with daily life.