International Students

Change is challenging for everyone. Adjusting to a new country and culture can be exciting, but also quite difficult and stressful. Because adjustment takes time and impacts all areas of your life, this stress may become overwhelming at times. Some challenges for international students may include learning a new academic system; difficulty interacting with professors, advisors, or employers; learning nuances of language, idioms, social norms, and popular culture; availability of familiar foods and adjusting to unfamiliar food options; transportation; lack of immediate support; long-distance relationships; missing home; developing a local social support system; immigration barriers; racism, xenophobia, prejudice, and micro-aggressions; supporting or caring for family back home; being a religious or racial minority; and adapting to a different climate

As you work through the process of adjusting to the United States and Notre Dame, we encourage you to be very patient with yourself. There are a multitude of campus resources available to assist you. Please don’t hesitate to Ask for Help!

The University Counseling Center (UCC) is one source for that help. We are a confidential and free resource staffed by culturally-sensitive counselors who can assist you if your adjustment becomes overwhelming and is causing you to have difficulty functioning. 

Local Resources

  • International Student and Scholar Affairs (ISSA)
    ISSA works to support and provide information to address a variety of needs including immigration, obtaining a driver’s license, legal rights, health insurance, taxes, social security, and adjusting to life in the US. They also provide shuttles to stores for groceries and other shopping, and field trips to local parks.
    This site provides information related to the local community, including restaurants, grocery stores, schools, arts and entertainment, finding a place of worship, volunteerism, housing and home services, banking, legal services, and more.
  • Notre Dame Student Groups and Clubs
    Notre Dame offers a variety of clubs for both undergraduate and graduate students with a variety of themes including service, culture, identity, hobbies, career goals, academic topics, religion, nationality, etc.
  • The Center for Student Support and Care
    The Center for Student Support and Care includes consultants and services to assist you with academic concerns and connect you with resources.
  • English Conversation Tables
    Opportunities to practice English language skills.
  • The Writing Center
    Offers help with writing for both native and non-native speakers
  • English for Academic Purposes Programs
    Practice English language skills, courses, workshops, and tutoring.
  • Winter Weather Tips
    Learn how to be safe and prepared!

National Resources