I CAN Help Suicide Prevention

I CAN Help is a suicide prevention and mental health literacy training designed to help faculty, staff, and students identify students who are at risk,  respond in a compassionate and helpful manner, and connect them with resources.

To request an I CAN Help training for your department, club, team, organization, student group, or residence hall, please complete this form.


I CAN Help

I can help prevent suicide:
Cultivate a community of care, compassion, and connection where asking for help and sharing strugles and painful feelings are normal. 
Compassionately Listen:

Encourage expression of feelings without judgment. Be alert for signs of suffering, hopelessness, and lack of connectedness. 

Ask, "Are you thinking about suicide?":
If "yes," connect to professional resources. 
Never leave a suicidal person alone. In a life-threatening emergency, call 911. 

Professional Resources: 

  • Talkline: 574.631.TALK (8255)
  • 988
  • Walk to the UCC

I CAN Help



  • Be calm and direct. 
  • Express care and concern.
  • Offer hope that help is available.
  • Call the UCC Talkline or 988 to consult as needed.
  • Remove means (e.g. weapons, pills).
  • Follow up and check in. 
  • Connect to support services and campus or community resources.
  • Debate or lecture.
  • Be sworn to secrecy. 
  • Offer platitudes or unwelcome advice.